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Made better by our Story

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Prim Goods are products made with faith, love, and hope.  Prim Goods are products that are made with a Mother’s special touch.  Prim Goods are products that offer a future and a new beginning. They are products that are “Made better by our Story”.

Prim Goods are handmade products made right here in this beautiful state of Missouri. Prim Goods are handmade soaps, lotions, and balms that are made at Primrose Hill which is a faith-based drug and alcohol residential recovery center for women and their children also affiliated with Teen Challenge USA. In fact, it is one of the few centers in the US that allows women to bring their children to live with them during their 12 month rehabilitation.

When I had the opportunity to research this organization and it’s products, I became so very touched by their story.  Each and every product made at Prim Goods is signed by the woman who made it.  Each and every product helps to fund this non-for-profit organization. The cost is approximately $2,000 a month for a woman, and $100 a month for a child.  Mothers and their children usually come to Primrose Hill unable to pay for the cost so they rely solely on donations.Freedom Soap

Prim Goods provides a healthy work life that assists these women in discovering their new beginning and hope for a good future.  Soap making in detox may sound a bit strange until you hear their story – A Day in the Life of Making Prim Goods. Plus, the soaps and lotions are pretty awesome.  Both my daughter and I have two favorites.  We love the hand and body lotion – honey bunch.  We apply it after every shower. However, our favorite scent is Freedom which we have used in a bar of soap.  It smells so good!Made better by our Story

The St. Louis Cooks love to support local businesses and organizations.  Prim Goods is one organization with a true cause and purpose.  Every purchase made will help these women find their true purpose and calling in life.  The next time you are shopping for soaps or lotions, please consider supporting Prim Goods and these wonderful women that have been given a second chance at Primrose Hill.

Prim Goods are made with love and hope. They are “Made better by our Story”.

Prim Goods